Friday, May 24, 2013

My Unlabel-able Abilities

Normally I attempt to establish my blog titles with a quirky and compact blurb that might leave room for some mysteriousness. However, I am here today to share what my abilities are and how I receive affirmation from Spirit, with the most direct descriptions possible without all the holistic fluff. Which, by the way, I often refer to affectionately as "hippy shit" when I am discussing God consciousness with someone who is not at the frame of mind, for instance, my boyfriend or my mother. I intend to make it clear how I know what I know, and what it feels like to feel what I feel. "My Unlabel-able Abilities" seems like an appropriate title as I intend to share with you simply what I experience every day. I have come to find that I possess primarily the gift of clairesentience, intuitiveness, and healing. The three work together for me almost daily.

I receive affirmation by something I call the "God Chills". My healer, mentor, dear friend, and colleague -Sharon Roe, with Golden Age Healing, was the person who help me clarify what I experience. The first time I ever experienced the GC's was summer of 2012. I had just settled myself on my bed with the intent of saying a very intense and urgent prayer for a family member who I felt was in trouble. I had assistance in writing and drafting this prayer, as it was written down and it was intended to be chanted -each word chosen so carefully, that I believed if I got ANY of it wrong, that it would not take and the universe would not be able to respond. I waited for weeks until I felt it was the right time, with the right collection of energy to work with and with a clear mind -literally. I remember taking a couple of deep breaths and experienced a sense of grounding -without judgement or question, just open to experience without the hope of receiving an experience, or analyzing what I was about to give/receive. I just... was.

Half a moment prior to opening my mouth to speak, I felt the GC's come over me like a crashing wave. It started with a vibration/throbbing in the palms of my hands and the chills shot from my left wrist, up my arms, across my back, and down the back of my right arm. (I now understand that your left hand is your receptive hand, and your right hand is your power hand...female vs male, which to me, made more sense later.) The chills were not of cold, but of slight pain, myet tickled. To this day, I get them just before I finish asking questions directed to spiritual beings/universe/God, etc.

Having the God Chills, the best way I can define it is having the sense of clairsentience. Of all the parapsychic abilities, there are various definitions, some of which conflict a little. However, I have not met anyone who has this same type of constant experience. I do have two other abilities, but I will get to that later.

Now, when I 'tune in', which means I just concentrate on being neutral enough to make observations on my feelings or extraneous thoughts and 'images', I have to ask if "so and so" is there. When that being is there, before I even finish speaking my sentence I receive the chills as if to say "yup, you got that right!". I still cannot define it as any spirit or ascended master can reach me the same way every time, or if it is strictly archangel Michael...but, maybe that is something to ask the next time I have a tuning in session on my own. [Note to self, no. 1]

It was not long later that I discovered I had some psychic intuitive abilities. In the grand scheme of things, we ALL do, really, but some of us are more open than others, curious than others, blocked off, etc and so on. Every one is capable and every one is gifted differently. The first time I realized this, I had a friend seek my out for spiritual healing. At first I thought she wanted emotional support and some time with me in the form of a hot stone massage (the primary method of massage I perform). At this time, I had not come out of the closet as a spiritual healer, as I was still very shy and unsure of myself. I obliged and shared with her that I would do what I could, but that I was not trained in Reiki, nor psychic, nor could I see auras or any other 'useful' abilites. Looking back on it now, it seems she 'knew' that I was a healer, as she, I discovered later, is also. By the way, for more details on this particular story, please refer to my blog post titled "Healing the Mermaid".

While I performed a variation of a massage session with the intent on prayer and 'healing' situations and relationships in her web of life influence, I was quiet and gazed around my office, as I often do. Whenever I perform a massage, although I am very much physically focused on my client, I often find opportunities to spend time with my own mind and think, which turns into daydreams. I discovered later, that when I begin to daydream, after a few seconds, a few minutes, or even right away I will have 'lucid dreams' which for me, seem like really elaborate day dreams that I, in fact, am not creating on my own. I cannot "see" things or spirits nor do I get "visions". My spidey senses are very specific but the only way I can truly define them as being "non-visions" or "non-visualizations" which, coincidentally I experience as being slightly cartoon-like. Ironic, I know. But, maybe my brain needs some things in black and white to make sense of the ethereal. Its like I see with my imagination. The experience of it is like being a little kid using the imagination to see and experience whatever I want in that moment. Its the 'pretend' kind of senses....where you are pretending with integrity, but not necessarily commitment because they take their own life. Then, to your surprise you end up being right...100% of the time in my case.

When I have one of my lucid day dreams, I am dreaming of very specific things with its own page...the image in my mind doesn't flicker like my normal awake mind...and I also realize that I experience no pain, no stress, no wonder no pleasure. The best way I can make this clear is I emotionally and rationally 'tune out' and just experience with a state of grace with no judgement. I don't force it, or ask just happens.

When I worked on the aforementioned friend, I somewhat panicked, as this is someone I am close to and I have a new responsibility to them. I flickered between moments of urgent need and prayer for help to lucid openness. While massaging her feet my imagination saw archangel Michael (who, from the beginning works very closely with me) hanging out in the corner -bored, standing on on leg with his arms crossed, like he wanted to say "Christi, c'mon you don't need me for this, can I go now?" But, what threw me off is in my mind I instantly though the name "Raphael" who I instantly knew was sitting on bench opposite Michael. I had never prayed to Raphael directly before. Then, in my mind, I day dreamed (looking cartoon-like) my friend in a little row boat with God on the ocean, with archangel Raphael or Michael (I wasn't sure who), sitting in the back. Then, I saw my friend grow a find and she lept out of the boat and swam in circles around it. The biggest part later, is I dreamed a pink and blue lilly growing out of an orifice on her body. It was strange and awkard, but it was beautiful. I asked her about some of my visions after the fact, as well as I did some googling. When I googled Raphael, I found a sketch of him standing on a fish. Then, my friend tells me she had auditioned to be a Dive Bar mermaid and she is a water sign. Then, freakishly enough, I asked her sensitively about the Lilly and asked if she had a particular event or trauma happen with that body part. She froze and gingerly admitted to me something very traumatic in her past, which turns out was coincidentally was on the fast track to healing, thank goodness.

This was a ridiculous amount of affirmation that I was not expecting to get. However, the most crazy part was I remember discussing with her my 'non-visions' and together we tried to untangle the lessons. Every time I spoke 'wisdom' --I got the God chills constantly. They layered themselves like various currents that confront and take over one the ripples caused by rain drops in a pond...over and over again. The craziest part is I hardly thought before I spoke. In fact, I don't remember thinking before, some other spirit was spouting wisdom out of my mouth and I could relay the message with Passion and without ego or bias. The experience was amazing.

The third and strongest gift is that of healing. I am a natural healer. It was told to me, I have proven it to myself, clients, and friends over and over again, and I now truly believe it.

Ok, so HOW I HEAL:


Bottom line, I pray...or cast spells if you like the mystical variations of words. I use certain crystals and some essential oils to help with 'the scene' and to establish a stronger assisting source of the spiritual vibrations (and I do mean this scientifically as much as I mean ethereally).

I pray for many things, even if we are just healing one thing. For instance, if Jane Doe was suffering from a broken heart, then I would pray for not only the easing of the pain, but that she quickly grasp the lesson she was meant to learn in that 'mini life', and then ask to heal her past lives of the same soul imprint and also heal FUTURE lives. I would also pray for the healing of the ex-partner in the same way. I would pray for her abundance and highest good, and pray for her to close off space for the person in her heart and in turn recycle it and open up her heart again so her next partner has an easier time finding her. I would pray for a sense of groundedness, and grace, etc.... the list goes on and on, for a REASON. The reason being that we experience complicated emotions and experiences and for me to assist someone to not only heal, but to move forward in this life, we have to cover as much ground as possible and avoid missing anything that keeps us from moving on to the next step in that life.

How do I know my methods of healing work?

Two reasons, because I get the God chills when I cast my prayer-thoughts out loud -out to the Universe and the Divine ascended masters or when I ask a direct yes or no question and the answer is "yes" when I get the GC's (which, coincidentally I get so fast that I'll feel them prior to finishing my question.)

Second reason, because my clients have told me almost every time that they felt different....whether I performed the healing in person or without them knowing. I've heard things like "My bedroom felt lighter and brighter" or "For the first time in 4 years I don't feel depressed over this subject" or "I didn't need my glasses to see and colors seem brighter".

Having the ability to manifest prayers and to creatively concoct healing is my greatest gift and I run with it with playful seriousness and with the most serious play. The lucid day dreams and the God Chills assist me with the affirmation I need as I am still growing in my abilities. What matters most to me is that I keep practicing to relax into my abilities with no judgement, ego, or lack of confidence. To learn to experience with nothing less than a state of Grace.

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